Adult Programs

Adult Development Pathway

To provide adults a successful and effective program to learn the game and improve their skills, we’ve designed the WNY Adult Development Pathway, as a rally-based and progressive learning environment to meet all individual needs.  Our goal is to maximize individual development by growing skills and your love of the game.

As the great Arthur Ashe so wisely advised “Start where you are.  Use what you have.  Do what you can.” Programs are designed to meet everyone’s needs, from newbies to advanced players. Each session addresses the individual’s development in the following areas: Technical, Tactical, Mental, Strategical and Athletic training. 

Rally Jump Start

We’ve designed Jump Start for first time players that have never or rarely ever played. Instruction focuses on building the athletic skills required for the game and teaching the fundamentals to serve, rally and score using a rally/game based on a modified court with low compression tennis balls. To make the most of every session, classes are split with the first 30 minutes focused on serving, rallying and scoring concepts, and the last thirty minutes allowing players to apply what they’ve learned playing points on their own.

Rally Beginner

Rally Beginner is designed for beginner level players that have come through our Jump Start program. Players also could have some prior exposure to playing. This class is designed to continue teaching the fundamentals necessary to serve, rally and score using a rally/game based curriculum. Coaching is focused on developing sending and receiving skills, sound footwork and racquet mechanics. Prior to moving to the next level, the player will be able to demonstrate an overhead serve to the correct side of the court consistently, short rally with a partner with a simple recovery between shots, direct the ball away from an opponent and keep score.

Rally Intermediate

Rally Intermediate is a class designed for players at the intermediate beginner level and enables them to continue building the fundamentals necessary to serve, rally and score using a rally/game-based curriculum. Rally Intermediate focuses on developing sending and receiving skills, sound footwork and racquet mechanics. Players learn to properly position themselves to execute ground strokes and volleys with purpose.

Rally Advanced

Rally Advanced players are fundamentally sound in both movement and technique and have developed to a point where they are prepared to begin working on more advanced patterns of play, such as stroke development and tactics for singles and doubles.

Practice Play

Practice Play is designed for intermediate to advanced level players with an NTRP rating between 2.5 – 3.5. This program features 45 minutes of drilling and 45 minutes of match play practice.

Academy Bronze

The Academy Bronze Program is designed for intermediate to advanced intermediate players, NTRP 3.0 – 3.5.  Instruction focuses on stroke development, spin, height, depth, direction, pace of their shots, selecting correct footwork to strike the ball and singles and doubles tactics. Players learn to develop individual strengths and how to use them to their advantage. At this stage of the pathway, Academy Bronze players have a strong desire to compete, play tournaments, and enjoy competition. While not required, a minimum of 2 days a week is recommended for this program.

Academy Silver

The Academy Silver Program develops experienced players, NTRP 3.5 – 4.0, and focuses on stroke technique, mental toughness, tactical strategy, decision making, athletic skill development and court coverage skills. Development is the result of a combination of technical drills followed by rallying and point play drills that reinforce what has been learned through the training, including how to build points and become successfully compete. While not required, players are recommended to play in at least 2 days a week.

Academy Gold

For players will a 4.0 NTRP rating or higher, the Academy Gold Program focuses on technical understanding of singles and doubles strategies successfully compete at an Open Division Tournament level.  Players will drill, play matches and complete agility-power-speed regimens assisting their development in becoming solid, well rounded and more complete players.  Players at this level need proven skills, a strong dedication to improve and the will to work hard to reach their optimal potential. While not required, players are recommended to play at least 2 days a week.

Drill Clinics
Designed around providing help perfect skills including volleys, overheads, strokes, and shot selection.

Match Play
Singles or doubles, beginner or advanced leagues available for every level. Match Plays are coordinated by a pro setting-up competitive and fun matches. For days and times, please see the Clinic and Match Play Schedule.

Adult Leagues/House Leagues
Singles or doubles, beginner or advanced, we have leagues for every level. Call today to join a league just right for you. NOTE: Leagues are currently offered at Village Glen only.

Special Events/Socials
Enjoy a night of tennis, food and friends organized by our pros monthly. Always a great time!

Sanctioned and non-sanctioned tournaments are held throughout the year.

Private or group tennis lessons
Improve your game and take your game to the next level with a lesson with one of our experienced pros. 

Holiday Socials
Join us for some great fun during our wildly popular holiday socials. Check with the front counter for the next upcoming event. 


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